It's been just over a month since Gucci Mane was released from prison, but he's already accomplished a whole lot -- turning in collaborations with Kanye West, Dreezy, Kodak Black, and recording an entire album, Everybody Looking, which will be released later this month. One of the records on the LP is "Back On Road," a collaboration with Drake -- who has been pretty tight with Guwop following his release, stopping by the rapper's mansion a couple weeks back to take some Instagram photos and of course, talk business.

Naturally, there was much speculation around this meeting of Zone 6 and the 6, and in a new interview with XXL, Zaytoven (who was also present at the time) has shared some insight into the conversation Drake had with Gucci, as well as Mike WiLL and himself, explaining what went down right before the four of them posed for the Instagram photo that had everyone talking.

"We were in there talking and Drake just came by because he was in town and wanted to stop through," he said. "We just got to talkin’ about doing a project together — Gucci and Drake together. We were sitting there talking about that until the picture happened. And it went viral from there."

It's difficult to say how serious this conversation regarding a potential project with Drake and Gucci was, but if nothing else, it's an exciting prospect. You can read the full interview over at XXL. Should we expect more music from Drake and Guwop?