Yung Bleu hopped on Twitter just a few days ago to proclaim that his neighbors stole his puppies. "Attention to all my neighbors. I tried you be a good Niegbor. But y’all mfs done stole my damn dogs," tweeted Bleu."I no it sound funny but look ! I’m throwing big loud azz parties everyday until my dawgs are returned it’s fenna get real ghetto at my estates." 

Bleu even took things to Instagram, adding, “Ain’t nobody getting no rest around this bitch until my dogs are returned and I’m keeping my bright azz court lights on all night. Ya’ll mfs don’t call complaining about shit! I’M FENNA BE WHO YA’LL THOUGHT I WAS GONNA BE CUZ I KNOW IT WAS ONE OF YA’LL MFS. Project X every week around this bitch, loud music and ghetto shit.”

It looks like his plot worked, because the young rapper had his dogs returned to him.

“Aye you found the puppies. No more parties,” declares Bleu in a video where two White women give him his puppies back.

Celebrity dog heists have been wild as of late, with the horrific story surrounding Lady Gaga's dog situation being an example. It's good to see no one was harmed when it came to Yung Bleu's dogs.