Recent legal issues surrounding one of Baton Rouge's most promising up-and-comers has fans wondering if YoungBoy will ever evolve to a YoungMan. The rapper was recently extradited to Georgia after being arrested in Florida on an outstanding warrant. Now, YoungBoy is facing several potential serious charges, including assault, weapons violations and kidnapping; all of which stem from a heated incident involving NBA and his girlfriend. While YoungBoy's girlfriend suggested the pair were simply "playing," that hasn't stopped fans from sounding off on YoungBoy's behavior. The youngster's conduct has been deemed so foul that some are even dragging his mother into the discourse.

Perhaps they will come to rue the day. YoungBoy's mother took to Instagram live, where she was faced with some brazen enough to sling mud. "Bitch, I raised my children right," she clapped back. "And guess what, you're mama ain't raise you right, 'cause if your mama raised you right you would know better not to talk to me bitch, 'cause I ain't the motherfucking one...I raised my children right, bitch! The only right way is don't let nobody fucking play with you, bitch." 

While some felt Mama YoungBoy wasn't doing enough for her currently incarcerated son, she saw things another way. "Bitch, what the fuck I'm supposed to be doing? Sitting in the cell with him?" she said. "We can't get him out right now." Ultimately, things aren't looking up for YoungBoy.