Earlier today, 21 Savage got people talking when he tweeted out a picture of Kylie Jenner along with some Heart-Eye emojis, and a new clip of a collab with Young Thug may find the rapper name-dropping her once again.

Thug shared a clip of a new song on his Instagram, which opens with 21 rapping what sounds a bit like: "Issa Kylie / might be Jenner / let's fight about it / she'll leave with the winner." His lyrics aren't entirely clear, so it's hard to say if this is actually what he's rapping, but people have already begun to quote it as such on Twitter.

This may or may not be the same collab Thug previewed earlier this month, but we do know there is at least one new song from the two rappers on the way. Thug and 21 Savage are currently on the HIHIHORSE'd Tour together, so it's no surprise they've been working on music. Check out the remaining dates here.