Earlier this month, it was revealed that Frank Ocean and Young Thug had been selected as models for Calvin Klein's Fall 2016 Global Campaign. The fashion house soon released a short ad in promotion of Thug's involvement in the campaign, and the video finds the boundary-pushing Atlanta rapper explaining his belief that "there's no such thing as gender." "You could be a gangster in a dress, you could be a gangster in baggy pants," he also said. Well, in his first official portrait for Calvin Klein, Thug has decided to appear both as as a gangster in a dress and one with baggy pants. All of the pieces he wears in the new ad are part of the womenswear component of Calvin Klein's new fashion line. 

The poster of Thug donning Calvin Klein's new line of womenswear was posted today on the company's Instagram account. He stands on a large rock beside the ocean, and his outfit consists of a necklace with a large black pendant, a knee-length dress, bell-bottom-style black trousers, and finally, black boots that, like everything else, are technically part of CK's new women's line. The caption of the ad reads, "I disobey in #mycalvins." Thug's particular buzzword, "disobey," is clearly chosen to represent his defiance of traditional gender norms. The photograph was shot by Tyrone Lebon.