Young Thug has quietly become one of the most prolific rappers of the past few years. In fact, 2017 may have been his best year yet, with Beautiful Thugger Girls and his Future collab Super Slimey earning him not only thousands of new fans around the world, but also huge amounts of cash to go along with that added exposure. What does one do with that kind of money when you're in Thugger's position? Well, buy some sweet sets of wheels, of course.

The ATL sensation took to Instagram yesterday (January 9th) to flex hard for his followers, showing off his collection of luxury cars for the camera. There are seven total that appear in the frame of the photo, with a Porsche, a drop-top Maybach and many other expensive examples of automotive excellence counting themselves as part of the rapper's collection. If you need any extra motivation to get that bag, this should probably do it for you. Check out the full post below.

Young Thug captioned the video with, "When it's lit... your own hate," presumably referring to the fact that some naysayers will always come out of the woodwork once the checks start rolling in. However, that doesn't mean he's keeping all his wealth for himself either. Earlier in 2017, he celebrated his own birthday by dropping off a generous gift to his mother - one that was to the tune of $50,000. I mean, when you're breathing in the rarified air of wealth and success that Thugger's rap skills have earned him, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself, or others, once in a while.

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