With the VMA's going on last night, every little thing that happened got an update. Whether it was a Twitter letting you know about Taylor Swift's video or Fifth Harmony's alleged diss at their former member or even Kendrick Lamar's performance and win, it was damn-near impossible to miss anything that went on during the awards show including the award itself. While earlier today, it was revealed that Young Thug won an award for a music video he didn't even show up for that ended up going viral. Turns out, he didn't even know he won an award until earlier today.

Young Thug took to Twitter to ask his fans, his friends and anyone following him a very important question: "So no one was going to tell me that I won an award??" It's a pretty funny thought to think that after someone wins their first VMA, they are a) not even in attendance of the award show b) too much in their own world to even realize they've won an award until the next day. The tweet went out around 4:44 p.m. so it pretty much took the ATLien around 24 hours to figure it he took away a VMA. In all honesty, out of anybody in the hip hop game, it's only to be expected for Young Thug.

Last night, his video for "Wyclef Jean" took the award for Best Editing. As it should, the video was made as a fluke. Young Thug essentially didn't end up making it to the video shoot so director of it, Ryan Staake and production company Pomp&Clout, did some clever editing to ultimately tell the story of the music video. Story goes that Young Thug's Instagram account got hacked therefore he refused to end up on set. After being 10 hours late, the directors still made the show go on and obviously, put together something innovate and brilliant.

Hopefully as Young Thug puts out more videos and music in the future, he'll be able to witness the next VMA he takes away. Either way, it's definitely a good look for not only Thug but his director and production team as well. 

Check the tweet below:

Update: Thugger has since took the time out to thank God & his parents for putting him on this Earth. (see IG post below)