Young Thug, who's been in a long standing relationship with Jerrika Karlae, complained on social media about women claiming he had sex with them. 

"I know I'm a superstar but, coming up I ain't never know that a bitch [...] lie on they pussy," he said in a clip, wearing a prominent bandana. "Yup, we fuckin'," he said mimicking the women he complains about. "I sucked his dick bitch."

The rapper is known to use social media to share outrageous comments. A few weeks ago, Thugger declared that he was "the richest rapper in the A" and that haters ran the rumor that he was gay.

Jeffery was recently on The Boy Meets World tour with Drake in the UK. Critics and fans alike hailed his contributions to Drizzy's More Life. He was last heard on a track with Meek Mill and features on the Fate of the Furious soundtrack.

Check out Young Thug's rant in the clip below.