Unlike last year's graduating class, 2021 students are gathering together for their big send-off. We were in the thick of quarantine last year when 2020 grads received their diplomas, and unfortunately for them, they weren't able to party away their final days in style. However, with mandates lifted, 2021 students are linking up and a group of friends is now looking for financial help after causing major damage to an Airbnb.

"We threw the littest graduation party of 2021 at a AirBnB and the floor caved in," a Twitter user wrote alongside a clip of the hair-raising moment. "We was listening to EA by Young Nudy and n*ggas got too lit. Now I have to pay for 15k in damages. Can y’all fwm ??"

The pleas didn't stop there because soon, a man named Abraham Nelson popped up on GoFundMe attempting to come up with the cash through the platform. "Me and my bros threw a graduation party for the class of 2021. We threw the party at a AirBnB. We were listening to 'EA' By Young Nudy and 21 Savage and things got out of control."

"The party got too lit and the floor caved in and people got hurt," he continued. "We are now looking at $15,000 in damages Please donate if you can anything helps." The group is far from their $15K goal, but there have been several people who have added a few dollars here and there to the tune of $424. If they're lucky, they may even get a donation from 21 or Nudy. If they aren't, they'll have some serious legal issues with Airbnb.

Check out clips of the floor caving in below.