Young M.A. decided to lay down the law on a disrespectful concertgoer who decided it was a good idea to heckle the rapper during a recent performance. It's never exactly clear as to what provokes somebody to pay money to see a show and proceed to slander the artist during her set, but lo and behold -- it has happened once again. Despite having worked his way up to the front row, a feat that presumably required slight physical exertion at the bare minimum, one hater decided it was appropriate to call out Young M.A. in the middle of her performance. 

 Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Little did he know, M.A. is not one to be taken lightly. Upon hearing his insults, she addressed the hater directly, essentially threatening to catch him outside. "I'll see you," she warned, after directly pointing him out. "I'll see you after the show. That's word to my mother." She gestures to one of her entourage, imploring him to remember the man's face, glasses, blonde hair and all. "He just said some disrespectful shit, I just want ya'll to remember his face."

The video ends before reaching a proper conclusion and it's unclear as to whether the man apologized or simply left -- after all, M.A. didn't seem into the idea of a peaceful resolution, given the severity of her tone. Check out the footage of the confrontation below and sound off as to what might provoke someone to get disrespectful at a concert they paid money for.