Young M.A has announced her partnership with sex toy company, Doc Johnson, for the launch of her own strap-on dildo called Play NYCe. Just in time for Valentine's Day, the rapper took to Instagram to share the news of her "pleasure product partnership."

" Launched a pleasure product partnership with @docjohnsonusa," she wrote on the post. "Don’t think twice....Play NYCe." The 7-inch dildo will be available on March 13th for the price of $49.95. Of course, this is not M.A's first venture into the adult entertainment world. She made her directorial debut in 2018 when she directed an adult film called The Gift for Pornhub, which featured an all-female cast of adult film actresses. This endeavour made Young M.A the first rapper ever to direct an original flick for the porn-streaming website. In an interview with Kid Fury and Crissle back in October, M.A. discussed what the experience was like for her.

Young M.A sex toy dildo play NYCe doc johnson pleasure product vibrator strap-onArturo Holmes/Getty Images

"It was definitely a whole totally different experience, just being my first time directing any type of film, but the fact that I'm directing porn...It was like literally jumping over a whole line," she revealed. "We went from rapping to tapping and clapping and smacking. On reality though, it was definitely dope in the sense of just being able to learn that industry and have an understanding of it because you literally look at it from the outside and you be like it's porn but when you literally behind that camera it's literally work. You got the females and they working like anyone else work...I wanted to understand it more so than see what it was, to me, it was work to me...I enjoyed the fact of working and being able to be a part of something that I never done before."