On a visit to The Breakfast Club, Young Dolph revealed that besides the upcoming release of his new album Bulletproof, the rapper has been working on producing some movies. He has been writing his own scripts too. 

"I got two of them that I'm doing right now," he said. "One of them is finished, the other one like 70 per cent finished. It ain't got done yet because it really gonna be the hardest one."

The Memphis rapper has big plans for the future. He said the second script is a rags to riches story taking place in the hood. He said some of his major inspirations include the movies  Scarface, Paid In Full and Blow.

Besides dodging questions about the shooting in Charlotte, Dolph also mentioned he expects to become a billionaire in the next "four years, five years." The Gelato rapper's new album Bulletproof drops April 1.

Check out the full interview below.