Young Dolph Drops Off Visuals For "The Land"

Dre D.
October 18, 2020 13:11

Dolph delivers the latest set of visuals off his album "Rich Slave."

Young Dolph might be getting sued for ruining a young woman's military career by reposting a video of her twerking to his music but make no mistake: he's definitely a man of the people.

The rapper recently celebrated the release of his latest album Rich Slave by flying out to Dallas to gift a superfan the same Lamborghini that is depicted on the album cover. 

With "The Land," Dolph tunes his eyes and ears to what the average person is feeling in the midst of a particularly hectic year.

"They say this the land of the free," he says in the song's hook. "It seem like the land of bullshit to me."

The song's visuals depict a traffic stop gone all the way wrong, with numerous squad cars called in for backup and Dolph tackled to the ground on top of an American flag as he is forcibly arrested, cutting between shots of Dolph destroying a police car and spray painting "BLM" on it.

It's probably one of Dolph's most direct political/social statements to date and definitely worth a watch.

Check out the new video for "The Land" above and be sure to sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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