Pharrell Williams is currently riding high (but probably not getting much sleep) after his wife gave birth to triplets earlier this week. However, fans can get their fill of Skateboard P by copping an action figure of the music producer, singer and rapper.

The action figure is made by Medicom Toy, a Japanese toy company known for making extremely high-quality, collectible products. The toy version of Pharrell wears a red leather jacket, unlaced Timbs and the huge Vivian Westwood hat that became a meme for a while. Although it’s pretty awesome that the action figure has enough built-in joints to do the praying hands stance, $230 is still a bit pricey.

The action figure stands just under a foot tall, with interchangeable hands and a tiny watch, bracelet and carabiner. Pharrell isn’t the only hip hop artist with his own action figure – Travis Scott sold a $150 action figure based on his Rodeo cover in 2015.

Head over to Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club store to find out more.