YK Osiris might be the self-proclaimed king of R&B but he's taking a page from Kanye and trying to lead the people in the right direction. This time, it occurred during a recent visit to Ribault High School and Raines High School in his hometown of Jacksonville, FL. The singer spoke to students in an auditorium and then in his classroom. A snippet of one of his speeches surfaced online and exposed the alleged low IQs of members in the rap community.

"All your favorite rappers, they be dumb as fuck. They can't hold a conversation for an hour. They don't even know how to spell," he stated. "I swear to God, my right hand on the bible."

The Internet was quick to roast YK Osiris for passing judgment on his peers in the rap game. One person on Twitter quickly pointed out that it seemed like he looked at his right hand to make sure that it was his right hand. However, there were others that agreed with what he had to say to the students. And in all fairness, he didn't actually point out an individual in particular. 

His recent appearance at the high schools seem to be part of some giving back initiative. He previously shared a video of himself praying with homeless people while sharing his wealth, so to speak. However, all of this conveniently came after he was arrested for allegedly beating and biting his girlfriend which he's denied.