Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci has quite the hip hop ambitions. The 28-year-old is hoping to be known as one of the most hard-working rappers in the business, and recently he dropped off his joint effort with DJ Drama titled 650Luc. The album comes courtesy of Drama's famed Gangsta Grillz series, and with the collaborative effort, Lucci wants to show that he's looking years ahead in his career. Whereas there are many artists out here who are worried about their number of followers, hoping for social media fame, or looking to stack cash as quickly as possible, Lucci caught up with HipHopDX and shared that his goal is "legendary and longevity."

"By this, I mean that not only do I want to be looked at as one of the greatest rappers of all time, but I want to have a long career in the hip hop game," Lucci told the publication. "You see, I took my time and I put a lot of work into this sh*t. All the sh*t that I’ve gone through—all the sh*t that I’ve done for [605Luc]—I worked extremely hard, and for a long time, to make this all pay off. And I’m not going to take it for granted.”

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

According to Lucci, that "legendary" status isn't so far-fetched considering he claims to see other rising, Southern rappers who have been influenced by his style. “There are a lot of new artists today that are inspired by my sound and my swag,” Lucci said. “I look around and I see a lot of people today doing what I did so many years ago. And that’s how you know that you’ve evolved as an artist. But you know, the whole scene, the whole sound, has evolved, even over the course of these past five years. And that gives me a lot of hope, as an artist, that I’ll have the ability to grow and evolve with the times.”

Is Lucci on his way to being a legend in the game? Make sure to stream 650Luc here.