By now, you've no doubt heard stories of Kanye West's trip to Uganda, in which he parlayed with political figures and handed out Yeezys to young orphans. Seeing as it's highly unlikely that Kanye would be able to organize such an eventful trip, it's only logical that he called in some outside help. As it happens, YesJulz was more than up to the task. 

According to Page Six, who seem to pay little respect to what Julz has actually accomplished, the manager actually played a pivotal role in making Yeezy's trip a reality. A publicist reportedly revealed that Julz helped facilitate a trip to the Masulita orphanage, where Kanye, Kim, Julz, and more spent the day interacting with the children. Aside from that, it would appear that Julz is tapped to hold it down behind the turntables and organize parties for the entourage. 

Interestingly enough, Julz has been fielding feuds with Twitter warriors over her involvement in the trip, with some feeling rankled by her presence. Julz has stood her ground, however, making it clear that her intentions are pure. Clearly, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian value her insight, after she turned in a notable effort in organizing his Ye listening party. 

As of now, Kanye West seems intent on prolonging his stay. It's unclear if Julz will be accompanying him for the duration.