Yelawolf's debut album Radioactive, was well-received by some, and criticized by others, something Yelawolf acknowledges in a recent interview.

The rapper, who is signed to Eminem, says that some of the records on Radioactive were trial-and-error type tracks. He says that Em and him were cut short creatively on his first LP, but that won't be the case for his sophomore effort, Love Story.

"The album [Love Story], following Radioactive, is a totally different approach, artistically. Marshall and I were cut short, creatively, in a lot of ways. We never really got a chance to just be left alone in a sense." 

Yelawolf explains how the label intervened on his debut album, and he allowed it, but after seeing it didn't work out like he wanted, he says it won't ever happen again. "I said prior, I'll allow this to happen, but if it doesn't work, don't ever ask me to do this again, it's not gunna happen. So I did, and like I predicated, there were records that didn't work, there were records that didn't translate, 'cause my fans weren't ready to hear it."

For Love Story, Yela says he plans to record it entirely in Nashville and then he'll head to Detroit to put the LP together with Eminem alone, and no label figures. "I'm gunna go to Detroit, god willing, sit down with Marshall with my album, and put it together, just him and I."

The Slumerican added, "I definitely learned a lot with that album, as far as the industry works."

As a plus, Yelawolf revealed in the last few minutes of his interview that his next mixtape would likely be dropping in February. "Trunk Musik Returns, February 2013 hopefully."

Watch the interview with VladTV below.