Not long ago, HipHopDX conducted a dope interview with Yelawolf, who mounted a dope 2019 campaign with both Trunk Muzik 3 and Ghetto Cowboy. The content yielded has been nothing short of a goldmine, a wealth of stories and anecdotes any Yelawolf fan should check out. A few days ago, they dropped off the latest segment from their conversation, which includes an interesting story about his biggest disagreement with Slim Shady. Reflecting on his time with Em's label, Yela explained that there were plenty of disagreements, the majority of which stemmed from creative differences.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

"It was 'Let's Roll' with Kid Rock," reflects a smiling Yela. "Just classic long conversations. You know. Mixing and being creative with [Kid Rock] and how to get [Kid] to sing the words a certain way, cause [Kid] ain't got a Southern accent like I do. Oh man. It was really difficult. It's really difficult to have a conversation with an icon, man. I'm a fan still. So it's hard to step back out of being a fan and saying 'I really need to make a decision for Yelawolf right now.' But that was the blessing of the records of Radioactive that didn't work, that I called. I got to say I called it, like this isn't going to fly. It wasn't with Marshall in particular. There was a whole team of people. But it gave me leverage to say no."

"You wouldn't believe the suggestions," he continues. "They wanted Ed Sheeran on Love Story. The label wanted Ed Sheeran to sing the American You hook. I was like 'dude! It's American You!' Check out the full interview below, and shout out to HipHopDX and Yelawolf for holding it down with a solid conversation.