This summer will mark three years since XXXTentacion was murdered in Florida and his fans still await justice in his case. The rising rapper was just stepping into his moment in the spotlight when he was gunned down in a reported robbery, and since that tragedy occurred, his admirers, as well as his friends in the industry, have remained dedicated to fulfilling in legacy. YBN Nahmir caught up with VladTVfor a lengthy interview, and during their conversation, the rapper touched on advice he received from the late star.

YBN Nahmir, XXXTentacion, Migos, VladTV
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"They always expect it to be the end of it," Nahmir said of critics believing every release is his last. "That's what everybody gotta understand. They're waiting for the end because they're not there yet. It's so many people in this world that want to judge you because they world is f*cked up and they'll try to make your life horrible because their life horrible. But they trying to hide that sh*t so they'll try to f*ck with you. I learned that a long time ago, especially when I was like, 18."

"It's a lot of people out here trying to f*ck you over, tryin' to bullsh*t your mindset because they mindset f*cked up. You just can't let it f*ck with you," the rapper continued. Elsewhere in the clip, Nahmir spoke about his conversations with XXXTentacion and how he had trouble grappling with advice from the Florida rapper. "I talked to him so many times. He was warning me. It be so many people put in my life just to like, give me a little lesson."

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The YBN artist said that he's aware that he's going to make the wrong decisions occasionally, but he knows he has to think things out before making moves. "X used to tell me all the time, he was like—I seen him two days or something before he got in a fight with the Migos or some sh*t, I think it was after. I don't remember. He got in a fight with the Migos and sh*t and he was just like, 'Bro, chase the water. Go to the water don't look back.'"

Initially, Nahmir thought XXXTentacion was just talking crazy, but he later understood the message. "He want me to focus on getting this money and stay out the way... He was saying some cold sh*t." Check out the clip below and let us know if you understand what Tentacion meant with his message.