YBN Nahmir Drops Off Visual For "Get Rich"

Erika Marie
June 29, 2019 04:28

Fancy cars and expensive jewelry.

Nineteen-year-old rapper YBN Nahmir has been rolling out new music regularly for the last couple of months and fans are taking this as a sign that he has a new project on the way. The rapper hasn't officially announced that he's dropping a new mixtape—or possible his debut studio album—any time soon, but we wouldn't be surprised. 

On Friday, Nahmir delivered his latest music video for a single titled "Get Rich." Keeping up with the theme of his last few visuals, Nahmir calls on his homies as they drive around in luxury vehicles while flashing firearms as Nahmir raps about the street life. The up-and-coming rapper is enjoying his newfound fame but admitted to Vice last year that it can be a tad overwhelming. "Bruh it's crazy and I think we get it more than normal everyday people because it's like it's more stress than who you was before [the fame]," he said. "Like I ain't even gon cap, it's cool doing all this sh*t but being broke and being who I was, there's no feeling like that. I always had that joy and sh*t, it's like nothing can bring back that feeling I have with my family. But just knowing I could provide for them now makes me feel good though. Just growing up and knowing sh*t will never be the same, it's just different for me now."

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