In the wake of dropping off YBN: The Mixtape, Nahmir, Almighty Jay, and Cordae sat down for an extensive interview with Billboard. While he may be the recent addition to the crew, YBN Cordae has wasted little time in earning respect from some of hip-hop's prominent veterans. Not only has his work been embraced by J. Cole and 50 Cent, but Dr. Dre has taken a genuine interest in playing mentor for the young lyricist. We've already heard reports of a "sixteen-hour-studio session" with the Good Doctor, but now, Cordae has opened up about his relationship with the legendary figure.

"I love working with him because it's like going through basketball drills," Cordae tells Billboard. "I felt myself getting better by the hour. [Dr. Dre's] working with me on this solo project. That's a mentor of mine. He had all his Grammy plaques and I've never seen one in person before which was motivational." It's unclear whether or not Cordae's solo album will surface by 2018's end, but either way, the more Dre the better. 

The crew also opens up about Mac Miller, with Cordae once again leading the charge. "I was a huge Mac Miller fan," explains Cordae. "He was straight ill. Even going back to his old mixtapes like The High Life. He's been in the game since a youngin, that's how big his stamp is. He grew as an artist and truly evolved every album on some funkadelic shit."

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