While Nahmir and Cordae have contributed to their fair share of bangers, the YBN collective hasn't exactly been associated with lyricism. Now, YBN Cordae is doing his damndest to re-write the narrative. Rest assured, the young man is more than capable of spitting "bars," to the point where even Funk Flex would keep the gas-face plastered on, willing or otherwise. 

Taking to not one, but three instrumentals, including Kendrick Lamar's "Duckworth," Lil Pump's "Eskeetit," and Method Man and Redman's classic "Da Rockwilder, Cordae proves that he can get down regardless of era. Setting the tone over Kenny's DAMN closer, Cordae immediately proves he's not one for child's play, laying down a barrage that would no doubt make Kendrick himself proud. Even the bouncy, Chuck E. Cheese bangability of Lil Pump's notorious single is given new life once Cordae steps to it. And let's be honest, who doesn't sound dope over "Da Rockwilder?"

It's entirely possible J.I.D. has some competition for hardest young lyricist after all. This three-pronged freestyle had me impressed throughout; not only are the lyrics on point, but his charismatic delivery show's a veteran's poise. It wouldn't be surprising to see Cordae springboard past his peers, and provided he can string together some solid original music, perhaps even his group-mates will soon be watching his surpass them.