This Wednesday, January 18, the second-annual Yams Day -- a concert celebrating the life and continuing influence of the late A$AP Yams -- will take place. A founding member of the A$AP Mob and executive-producer of many of the collective's projects, Yams was known for his encyclopedic knowledge of rap, his unmatched ear, and his jovial (if sometimes bashful) personality; all of which are displayed in his beloved tweets and what is left of his Tumblr and blog posts. In celebration of the impending Yams day, we've put together a mix of songs that pay tribute to the unique figure Yams was. Pulled from his RNT mixes, his tweet mentions, his comprehensive Spotify playlists, and his many co-signs and collaborators, the playlist collects songs from the various eras and regions that shaped Yams' impeccable taste. Take a listen below, and prepare yourself for Yams Day 2017.