Xzibit Says He's Sick And Tired Of Skinny Backwoods On "How To Roll"

Alexander Cole
December 27, 2018 17:30

"If you don't have enough weed wait till you get some more or roll a joint. "

Xzibit is an OG in the rap game. The rapper out of Detroit, Michigan released his first studio album At The Speed Of Life in 1996, with his last solo project Napalm coming in 2012. 

In our latest How to Roll video, the former Pimp My Ride host talks about his preference between Indica and Sativa, his distaste for skinny backwoods, and the most weed he's ever smoked in one sitting. 

"I enjoy Indica over Sativa," Xzibit explained. "I like a heavy high and I don't like Sativa."

After explaining his preference, the rapper went on to explain the first time he ever smoked weed in the back of his friend's Pontiac. He was 16 at the time and said that the weed was so bad he never actually got high from it.

Xzibit also offered his take on how people choose to roll their weed saying "stop rolling skinny backwoods, please. Stop handing me backwoods that are 80% backwoods and 20% weed." He then showed off how to properly roll a backwood, saying it should resemble the shape of a bat.

Later in the video, Xzibit told the story about how he once bought three pounds of weed for his "Restless" video shoot, although he and the rest of the crew were only able to get through half a pound. The rapper finishes the video by stating that he finds cannabis to be healthier than drinking alcohol and that weed has a ton of health benefits for those who have opiate addictions.

Watch the full How To Roll with Xzibit and learn about his impressive weed tolerance.

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