The suspects in XXXTENTACION's murder case have been maintaining their innocence since they were captured. One of the men accused of killing the South Florida rapper, Dedrick Williams, has been trying his best to prove his innocence by requesting the court for money in order to conduct his own private investigator, which he was granted. Now, he's asking for more money in order to hire experts to testify.

Broward Sheriff's Office via Getty Images

Dedrick Williams has asked the judge for $10K to hire a gang expert and another $20K to hire an A/V forensics expert, The Blast reports. Williams wants to hire an audio and visual forensics expert because he claims "Analysis of said evidence is critical to the Defendant’s case and his right to due process.”

Williams believes the $10K for the gang expert is  “necessary to retain this expert to investigate and educate” his legal team as well as a jury, “the manner in which gang affiliation affects this case and any and all defenses available to the defense.”

The judge on the case previously granted a motion for Williams to receive $10K for a private investigator to build his defense. He was also granted an additional $20K in order to hire an electronic evidence expert to look into cell phone tower analysis and computer and cell phone forensics.

We'll keep you updated on new developments in XXXTENTACION's case.