When XXXTentacion announced he terminated his contract with Capitol Records yesterday, via his Instagram, it was taken cautiously since the rapper has been known to use the social media platform for impulsive posts. It's not to say that we didn't believe him, but the fast turnaround of signing a reported $6 million contract to terminating it in a week is quite unheard of. 

As we speculated, X is apparently still with the record label since one of his representatives confirms he's still under contract. SPIN reached out to someone on X's team where they confirmed that “XXXTentacion is signed to Caroline/Capitol Music Group.” When asked about X's Instagram story that stated the opposite, they responded, “Only X can elaborate on his posts.”

Since the update on X's label standings, he has once again taken to his Instagram story where he shares a few words on how artists in the industry can't trust anyone. 

"People that you trust, people that are your friends, people that are close to you, people you do business with will always try and fuck you over. Trust no one. Do not trust anyone." More of his story continues with him detailing how he's been hurt by those he thought he could depend on, asking fans to give him good energy today. Watch a part of the video below.

Clearly, something major must have gone down with Capitol leaving X with no way out. No more details have been released, but keep it locked on HNHH to stay updated with X's Instagram for any further details.

Earlier this week X let everyone know that he punched a fan in the face at one of his shows. He broke the news on his Instagram story, of course, where he said, "I’m just letting everyone know ahead of time that I punched someone in their face today because I was assaulted while I was performing,” the text read. “So before anybody sees the video and makes an assumption, I’m gonna beat everyone to it and let everyone know. Yo, I ended up punching someone because they punched me in my shit.”