XXXTENTACION's career has been plagued by allegations of domestic abuse. After the New Times posted a piece of XXXTENTACION yesterday, it was revealed that Geneva Ayala, his alleged domestic abuse victim, had started a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise money for her hospital bills. However, after initially starting the fundraiser, it was taken down by people who reported it for fraud and misrepresenting the extent of her injuries. The day it started again, it reached $12K in donations.

After the New Times piece went online yesterday, Geneva Ayala's campaign raised more than $12K including an $11K donation from an anonymous donor. Ayala initially started the campaign in late 2016 after X's alleged abuse left her with two black eyes and injuries on her body. She learned that she had a fracture along the left orbital floor that was damaging her optic nerve. The doctor said that it would cost roughly $20K for the procedure and that she needed to get it as quickly as she can.

She didn't have that type of money for the surgery. The doctor suggested she start a GoFundMe to help raise the funds. After launching it, she ended up raising $8K which included a $5K donation from X. However, X's fans continuously reported the page, forcing it to shut down and blocking Ayala from being able to get the money that she raised for the surgery. 

However, New Times has since reached out the GoFundMe. The spokesperson said that “if a campaign is reported, our team looks into it," and continued to say that, "sufficient information was provided, and the campaign has been reactivated."

As of this morning, it raised $20,776 which includes the $12K donation from the past 24 hours.