Though XXXTentacion is gone forever, we can only hope that justice will prevail. It would appear that there is some potential for actual development, a rarity where slain rappers are concerned; consider the murders of 2Pac and Biggie, which to this day remain unsolved. In the case of XXXTentacion, all four primary suspects are currently in custody, and according to TMZ, some incriminating evidence has recently come to light. Apparently, police searched a Cadillac belonging to one the suspect's (Micheal Boatwright) grandmother, where they found two dark masks, which were reportedly purchased by another suspect, Dedrick Williams.

Police also discovered .22 bullets in the car, which match the same shell casings found at X's murder scene down to the name brand. They also found an assault weapon in the trunk, as well as several . All things considered, the case is starting to look airtight. It should be noted that a search of Boatwright's cell phone revealed that he had been searching X's name, alongside "accessory to murder." It seems as if his attempts at staying on top of authorities ultimately helped seal his fate. 

As of now, all four suspects have been arrested. We'll keep you posted with more details as they surface.