XXXTentacion is looking to reach a legal agreement which will allow him override his house arrest so he can embark on a tour of his new album. TMZ has learned that a Florida court has been contacted with a formal request to remove his ankle monitor. "?" hit shelves last week, and if he's bound to profit from its release it's now or never. This appeal doesn't take into consideration the severity of his offences. 

XXXTentacion is facing 15 felony charges stemming from domestic violence charges filed against him by his ex-partner, including instances in which he tried to coerce her into throwing the case. His acts of coercion were a direct violation of terms outlined by his bond.

The argument for this forwarded motion is that he simply doesn't make enough as a signed artist on record sales alone, and thus needs his ban lifted in order support himself. His legal team has drawn up probable cause for his exception. This in no way a legal refute of the charges themselves. An exchange of rights might be a logical step if he wants certain privileges reinstated. Fair is fair in the eyes of the law.