The rise of Toronto's 88GLAM only strengthened the XO roster but fans became widely concerned over the status of the group in 2020. A subreddit dedicated to 88GLAM recently speculated that they've split up. In addition to rumors that there's an internal conflict between Derek Wise and 88Camino, the internet was immediately fueled with rumors that they had been dropped by both XO and Republic Records. Of course, all of these problems combined would mean that we wouldn't receive their follow-up to 88GLAM 2. With an April 17th release date previously set, we've finally received some sort of response surrounding the status of their next project. 


Coronavirus has officially impeded the release of Close To Heaven Far From God. The group relayed the message via Instagram earlier today, stating that they wouldn't be able to properly roll out the project.

"We hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this horrific, unprecedented time. Due to recent global events and all touring/festival cancellations, we have decided to delay our album release," the message reads. "We wanted to release it during a time that would not compromise our roll out strategy. Cant wait to see all of our fans and go offfff to the new music."

Some people took this as a good sign while others appeared to further question the status of the duo. However, it should be noted that there has been a screenshot of an alleged conversation with 88GLAM's day-to-day manager Melody who confirmed that things are all good between them and that they are steadily cooking up.