X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters next Valentine's Day, which means it's about time Fox blesses fans with a trailer. The film was originally slated to touch down this Fall, but several hiccups pushed it back. Now, Fox is set to take a second shot at adapting the Dark Phoenix saga from the comics onto the big screen. If you remember (if you don't, that's probably better), X-Men: The Last Stand tried to tie a Dark Phoenix story into a mutant cure story, and everything just became a mess. Longtime X-Men producer Simon Kinberg is stepping into the director's role, and he promises a much better outing this time. 

In the comics, the X-Men are emotionally torn after Jean Grey comes into contact with an interstellar being of immense power that takes over her body. The film looks like it will take the same path, as early reports claim a trip to space is what introduces Jean to the Phoenix force. Fox took to Twitter to promote the upcoming Dark Phoenix film today with a quick teaser. The brief teaser features a picture of Dark Phoenix, played by Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner. Sound clips from the film are played in the background, and the clip ends with the announcement that the official trailer drops tonight. We can't wait.