For those who prefer their trailers with a dose of minimalism, rest assured that X-Men: Dark Phoenix's final trailer might not be for you. The clip begins with a lengthy summary of the X-Men's first "space mission," which finds Jean first coming into contact with the titular entity. Once the team returns back home, a smitten Cyclops jokes that all the kids have taken to calling her "Phoenix." Unfortunately, Jean's sudden influx in power appears to have some negative consequences. "When I lose control bad things happen," she warns. "But it feels good."

Eventually, it appears as if the X-Men team will be forced into battle with a renegade Jean, who seems more than capable of handling them with ease. Even Magneto, who makes the mistake of issuing a threat in her direction, finds himself bested by her incredible power. We also get a promising glimpse of Nightcrawler in action, complete with a devilish visage and sword in hand. 

Set to arrive on June 7th, Dark Phoenix looks to be a visual spectacle with plenty of action, and an emotional center to keep it grounded. While Apocalypse may have faltered, we can only hope that Dark Pheonix can right some of the wrongs, and cap off this new generation of X-Men films in a big way. Check out the final trailer below!