Former WWE Star Paige has had a rough couple of years. A neck injury forced her to retire from wrestling, all while a sex tape scandal rocked her world. Paige says that all of these events ultimately led to depression and a feeling that everything was falling apart. 

“When you hit rock bottom and you know what it feels like, you never want to go back down to that hole,” Paid said according to Gulf News. “I failed a drug test and the [sex] tape released and it broke my heart. I was cyber bullied. It was a really terrible situation and I remember being so depressed that I just stopped eating and my hair starting falling out”

Although, things quickly turned around for Paige as a movie was made about her and her family's wrestling story, called Fighting With My Family which stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. According to Paige, the making of the movie and "The Rock's" guidance helped her overcome her depression.

“His advice to me was, stay humble if you want to work with everyone, and hungry so you always set goals and don’t become complacent,” Paige explained. “He has branded himself so correctly. He’s obviously a huge star in WWE and it helps when you are branching out into other stuff. Wrestling doesn’t stay forever. You have to always keep in mind, ‘what am I going to do afterwards’.”

The movie came out on February 14th and was directed by Stephen Merchant.