Andre Johnson, an L.A. based rapper and Wu Tang affiliate, is reported to have attempted suicide today. Johnson, who also goes by Christ Bearer, is said to have cut off his own penis before jumping from his second story balcony last night around 1 AM.

The rapper was rushed to hospital, where he's currently being treated, says TMZ.

According a fellow member of his rap group Northstar, who also happens to be his roommate, Johnson cut off his penis "without warning", and had jumped within a "matter of seconds". When his friends ran downstairs, they found Johnson "running around screaming incoherently".

The witnesses say the rapper was not on "any hard drugs that would cause him to do such a thing."

Johnson's ties to the Wu-Tang Clan come through RZA, who discovered his rap duo, Northstar in 1998, and contributed production to their debut album, Bobby Digital Presents Northstar.

More coverage to come as information arrives.

[UPDATE: Rapper Is In Stable Condition]

Yesterday we reported on the pretty horrific news that a rapper named Christ Bearer, real name, Andre Johnson, decided to suddenly cut off his penis and jump from his balcony. The rapper once had ties with Wu-Tang Clan, although they haven't worked together in years.

Today we've learned that Andre is in stable condition at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A., however, unfortunately, doctors were unable to re-attach his penis.

As previously mentioned, Andre had friends present when this all went down, and they say he was not on any hard drugs that would make him do such a thing. The mystery as to why he did it remains, although it's likely he is suffering from mental issues.

[via TMZ]