Rule #1 of sliding into the DMs: Make sure you're sliding into the right DMs.

As easy as that may seem, it appears that some people still struggle with that simple instruction, including one thirsty woman named Jordan who recently tried making a move on Philadelphia Phillies' superstar Bryce Harper. Instead of messaging the Phillies' $300-million-dollar man, Jordan actually sent the DM to his wife, Kayla Harper. The misplaced message read, "Hey handsome I'm Jordan I'm just trying to be ya stress reliever."

Kayla discovered the DM, and then posted the screenshot for her followers: "If you’re going to try & go after a married man the least you could do is be smart enough to message his Instagram account and not his wife’s."

She continued, "@BryceHarper3 are you feeling stressed? I have your solution."

Bryce may actually be feeling some stress early in his Phillies career, as the hometown fans have already begun booing him as a result of his play on the field. Harper, who recently signed a 13-year $330M contract, is averaging a career-low .233 batting average with 43 strikeouts in 33 games played. Despite his early season struggles, the Phillies are currently sitting in first place in the NL East with a record of 19-14.