Maya Moore went on Good Morning America today to discuss her recent marriage to Jonathan Irons, the man she helped free from prison. 

Irons was wrongfully convicted of burglarizing and assaulting a homeowner at the age of 16. He remained in prison for over 20 years for a crime he didn't commit. In July, a Missouri judge made the decision to vacate his conviction, calling the case against him "very weak and circumstantial at best."

Moore had been introduced to Irons through a prison ministry program in 2007 during her freshman year at the University of Connecticut. The two have been close friends since.

Moore took a leave from the WNBA in 2019 to focus her efforts towards freeing Iron. She left the league at the height of her powers to instead publicly promote an appeal to overturn Irons' conviction. 

"We wanted to announce today that we are super excited to continue the work that we are doing together, but doing it as a married couple", Moore announced on the show this morning.

Irons revealed that he fell for Moore while in prison and had wanted to pop the question for some time.

"I wanted to marry her, but at the same time protect her because being in a relationship with a man in prison, it's difficult," he recounted. 

Following their appearance on the show, Moore shared a picture of their wedding on Instagram.

"What a miracle," she wrote. Congratulations to both Maya Moore and Jonathan Irons!