Wiz Khalifa has settled nicely into the veteran position, a respected name that once helped shape the sound of rap's new generation. With his affable nature and unrivaled love for marijuana, it became difficult not to appreciate Khalifa's simple joie de vivre. In many ways, he's a simple man, eager to spark up a doobie and cozy up with a nice-looking woman. If that isn't vicarious escapism, what is? 

Wiz Khalifa

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images 

Nearly fifteen years removed from his 2006 debut album Show And Prove, Wiz is gearing up to drop off another new release, this one's title calling back to a classic Jay-Z tune: Big Pimpin. While we don't have a release date, or any real concrete information about the album for that matter, Wiz did take a moment to share the official album artwork on his Instagram page. 

"Almost finished with the music. Wanted to keep you guys updated on the artwork," he writes, alongside the cartoonish artwork. In many ways, the image is peak Khalifa, capturing his appreciation for the lavish lifestyle and his affinity for hotboxing at any given opportunity. It's unclear when we'll be getting this one in full, but it bodes well that Wiz is keeping his pace strong this deep into his career. Are you excited to see what he's been cooking up?