Wiz Khalifa's a hometown legend in Pittsburgh but he's living out in Los Angeles these days. The rapper's been out there for a minute which makes sense given that L.A. is a hub for the music industry and California's known for their weed. If you've ever seen any of his vlogs or interviews at his house in L.A., you know that he's living like a boss. However, after purchasing another property in L.A., it looks like he's giving a tenant the chance the to live like the Taylor Gang boss.

According to TMZ, Wiz Khalifa has listed his Los Angeles mansion for rent. It does come at a pretty hefty price though. The Bel Air home is going for $16K a month but from the looks of the spot, it's worth it if you have that type of money to blow. The crib has a crazy view of the Los Angeles skyline and canyons, as well as high ceilings, glass walls, an infinity pool, and spa, two fireplaces and a recording studio. There are six bedrooms and seven baths in the 8,970 square feet property. 

The interesting part is that it's going up for rent a few months after his house was hit up by burglars. However, a house sitter managed to scare them off before they could rob the place.

Wiz recently purchased another new mansion that he copped for $3.4M.