Wiz Khalifa is fresh off the release of his latest album, Rolling Papers 2. Fans were eagerly awaiting for the album's release for a minute. The project was initially supposed towards the end of last year but got pushed back. The album, like the rest of Wiz' projects, comes with a whole lot of music that's perfect to smoke to. Unfortunately, there was one bar in particular that seemed to offend many people in the Asian and Asian American community. However, the rapper insists he's not racist.

On the track "Hot Now," Wiz Khalifa raps, "Drive the type of whip your bitches like to be in/Smoke got my eyes lookin' Korean." The rapper faced backlash for the racially insensitive bar. During his recent interview with the Breakfast Club, Wiz Khalifa addressed the controversy surrounding that particular lyric.

"I also say I smoke like a Jamaican and I also say I live like a white man," he said. "So chill out. Like, I'm not a racist. I love all races."

Despite the fact that there were many Koreans that expressed their disdain with the lyric on YouTube and social media, it seems Wiz didn't feel like he did anything wrong. After Charlamagne asked with if he'd like to apologize to the Korean community, Wiz Khalifa made it clear that he wouldn't.

"No. I have Korean friends that aren't offended. So I don't know those people who are saying that." He said.

Peep the interview below with that bit coming in around the 13:55 mark.