LeBron James played his first regular season game as a Laker at the Staples Center on Saturday night, and the crowd was thick. Celebrities from all over the nation crammed into the Staples Center to watch King James' debut. Unfortunately, the night was marred by a massive brawl that led to the suspensions of Rajon Rondo, Brandon Ingram, and Chris Paul. On top of that, the Lakers lost 115-124. 

After the game, Wiz Khalifa was spotted leaving the Staples Center with model Winnie Harlow by his side. The two were holding hands as paparazzi snapped pictures. The pair has fueled dating speculations for months, but this is the most blatant display of being a couple they have publicized. Wiz chose to drop his native black and yellow colors for the Lakers traditional purple and yellow. Winnie was dressed in a full body Fendi outfit that accentuated her curves. As both Wiz and Harlow must know, stepping out in Los Angeles together for a date to see Lebron James' debut would draw a massive amount of attention. The two have obviously reached a point in their romance where they are comfortable with each other, and can care less what public displays of affection may be caught by wandering cameras.