LeBron James' opening night at Staples Center was not a smooth event. During the final four minutes of the fourth quarter, a fight broke out. Prior to the fight, a small altercation took place between Los Angeles Laker Brandon Ingram and Houston Rocket James Harden. Ingram shoved Harden in the back after a foul call, prompting a brief face to face with a referee standing in between both men. After Ingram walks away, Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul get into a brawl. 

Paul's accusations, and video evidence, point to Rondo starting the fight by spitting at CP3. After being spit on, Paul places his finger in Rondo's face, causing the Laker to swing and catch his opponent in the side of the head. After being caught with a flurry of punches, Paul gets in a shot of his own as he catches Rondo with an uppercut. As the teammates around them attempt to stop the fight, Ingram doubles back and throws a punch into the fight, catching Paul off-guard. LeBron James hops in at that point and grabs Paul, moving him out of the area of conflict. 

According to NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski, Rondo, Ingram, and Paul have all been suspended. Brandon Ingram was hit with the longest suspension with 4 games, Rajon Rondo will sit for 3 games, and Chris Paul will only miss 2 games.