Would LeBron throw it all away for Rihanna when has a perfectly good household to fall back on. Probably not right? It's not unusual for transcendental athletes to spur unsuspected people into a full blown sports fanatics. Die hard basketball fans will question why Rihanna was silent when the Cavaliers' were spiraling into crisis mode midseason? They will insinuate that she is the very definition of a bandwagon playoff fan. But there's a remote chance they are completely wrong about her. Maybe basketball just isn't character defining or part of her brand? Rihanna may very well be LeBron's biggest bedroom Stan. For all we know, she might even throw it all away if the right/wrong song comes on the radio.

After last night's tense matchup, LeBron was again left frustrated by his own teammate's indecision. JR Smith's gaffe in the closing seconds of regulation only added fuel to a theory LeBron has been dragging his team to victory. The thought of LeBron's hard work being completely decimated by one wrong turn is enough to make our stomach's turn. Rihanna seems to empathize with his frustration as well, as she posted his an IG picture of what can aptly be described as LeBron's "gnarly stank face." Dare I say, LeBron's facial expression is also highly suggestive of the "Rude Boys" Rihanna has come to love.

See for yourself.