Will Smith is one of the most well-respected men in all of Hollywood and his upcoming movie, Gemini Man, is set to be a big success once it hits theaters. We've been hearing rumblings about it for months and the first trailer piqued our curiosity, leaving viewers wondering just how the story will go. Given Smith's versatility when it comes to accepting acting roles, it can be difficult to choose a favourite flick of his for many. One common answer that you'll hear though is 2007's I Am Legend. The plot to Gemini Man is not entirely similar to the mid-00's blockbuster but it's another action-riddled joint that will get Smith's most hardcore fans pumped. In case you weren't feeling the first teaser of what to expect from GM, the second trailer was released today.

The actor can be seen portraying two different versions of himself: the Will Smith from today and a younger version. The suspense runs high with scenes of motorcycle chases and staredowns featuring both characters, getting the audience to ponder how things will conclude. Will he complete his mission or will he fail? Of course, Will's own son graces the soundtrack with Jaden's "ICON" blaring throughout much of the two-minute extravaganza.

As one commenter put it, "Will Smith punched himself with a motorcycle. Yeah I gotta see this movie." The Ang Lee-directed flick will be out on October 11. Will you be buying a ticket?