What mad feat will Will Smith get up to next? The beloved icon has recently launched his "Bucket List" series, which finds him staring death in the face, all in the name of instilling courage in his followers. We've already seen the legendary actor brave the perilous act of skydiving, and now it would appear he's taking to the seas for another installment. This time, Will is hellbent on swimming with sharks, going so far as to don full-on scuba gear for the occasion. In a way, he's actually facing a pair of fears, should the notion of deep diving render him uneasy.

Will took to Instagram to preview the episode, which features an abundance of seafaring fun. The sharks are numerous, and they seem to love Will as much as the masses do. As the seventeen-minute installment unfolds, Will finds himself dealing with some true leviathans: 13ft, 700lb, "BIG ASS TIGER SHARKS," by his own estimation. After swimming ever closer to the majestic creatures, dare I say befriending them, he emerges with a newfound lease on life. "Nothing in life will ever feel like that. Dude," he utters, completely dumbfounded. "Dude..."

Check out the full episode right here, via Facebook.