Wifisfuneral is letting fans into his mind lately. After coming through HNHH's New York offices to cut it up for an episode of How To Roll (available after the jump), he made his way to Fader for an interview. The artist dishes on a couple of subjects relevant to his character, like tattoos, the internet and the musical impact he has on his generation. 

The Florida artists shared his general dislike for perfection, a preference that also translates to his aesthetic choices. He says, "I think I’m obsessed with imperfection. I don't like things perfect." He then connects the concept to tattoos: "I don't think people have bad face tattoos." He then refers to a couple of ink job other rappers have to make his point, including Gucci Mane's ice cream cone tattoo that is "legendary" in his opinion.

Wifi also dishes about his feelings towards the internet. He says the internet "saved" his life by offering all the resources he needs: 

"The internet saved my life to be honest with you. Like, I dropped out of school when I was in 10th grade like, I would really[...] educate myself through the internet only or through any type of books I would pick up."

Watch the full interview below.