Blac Chyna and YBN Almighty Jay are officially so yesterday. After a few weeks of an on-and-off relationship status, the couple has seemingly really ended things since she's been showing love to a young boxer by the name of Devin Haney. The 19-year-old is 11 years Blac Chyna's youth, but love apparently has no age for Blac considering her dating resume. 

We first got proof of the new romance when Blac shared a picture of Devin to her Instagram with the caption, "Hi babe." Devin followed-up with a heart emoji comment that's clearly got to mean something. Since we're assuming that they are enjoying each other's company we've done some digging to find out five things about the man, check it out. 

Floyd Mayweather Is His Mentor

One of the most accomplished boxers in the world is working alongside Devin to bring him to his level. “After seeing him work in the doghouse. I know he's going to be an unbelievable professional," Floyd previously stated of Devin. 

His Nickname Is The Dream

With an impressive nineteen wins, zero losses and thirteen knockouts his nickname makes sense. 

He Started His Career At 16

Devin started his successful career at the tender age of 16. Once he turned professional he was too young to qualify in the United States so headed south to Mexico to start getting paid for her abilities.

He Resides In Las Vegas

Born in San Francisco, the 19-year-old now lives in Las Vegas just racking up his boxing milestones. Devin has become the youngest fighter ever to hold the USBA Lightweight title in the organization's history. "The industry and the real fight fans know who I am.  They know I can fight.  It's only going to get better. I'm working hard, and I promise that in my next fight, you will see, an even better Devin Haney than before," he said.

He's All About Giving Back 

The young homie recently spoke to at-risk youth at a San Fransico community center about staying away from gangs and drugs. "I spoke to all of them about staying out of trouble and following their dreams. I was once in their shoes, so I can relate to them on a personal level. After speaking to them, I felt I made a difference in their mindset and it was an unbelievable experience," he said