Over the years, people of color have been sharing disturbing videos of white citizens calling the police on them. From the woman who phoned authorities because there were black people barbequing in the park to Amy Cooper who recently feigned distress after a black man told her to leash her dog, black people have found themselves targeted by their white neighbors who don't like their authority challenged. Svitlana Flom, a white woman who owns the French restaurant Maison Vivienne in New York City, recently went viral after she telephoned authorities on a black woman who was sitting outside of her building.

Janae Garcia, who goes by the name of "_brownsugarbaby" on Instagram, shared her story with her followers over the weekend. "From 6:15pm - 7:31pm this woman, Svitlana Flom, artdefete felt the need to not only approach me but call the cops MULTIPLE TIMES ON ME!! She was too 'Alarmed' that I was sitting 'comfortably' in 'her neighborhood!'" the woman penned in the caption to multiple videos she shared online.

Initially, Flom, who is pregnant, allegedly approached the woman because she believed she was "smoking in public." By the third call to authorities, Flom told police that the woman was “'threatening her & her children !!' While giving my description, she exaggerated her story & made it seem like I was the aggressor. 'THIS AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN IS ATTACKING ME AND MY CHILDREN!' She had tears that were off & on & she stated things like 'She’s pulling the black card!'"

In the video, you can see Svitlana Flom waving down officers before turning around to Janae and asking her to come over so police could confront her. "I couldn’t understand why she was so mad ! Like ummmm first of alllll I pay alllll mine over here Miss Lady !! 🙄 How you come over here just feeling sooooo privileged & soooo comfortable enough to tell me I should leave ?! You’re buggin !! NOT THIS ONE!! She wanted to be a victim soooo bad!! NOT ONE PERSON CAME TO HER AID!! MULTIPLE PPL witnessed the ordeal & just wanted to make sure I was ok!"

Flom later told Page Six that Janae edited the clips to make it seem as if she was being racist, and wanted Janae to post the entire 45-minute video. “She twisted the entire thing like she’s some poor girl sitting alone on a bench and I’m white trash, harassing her for no reason.” After the videos went viral, people stormed Yelp and social media platforms to comment on Flom's restaurant, leaving reviews that the owner is a racist. Swipe through the videos below.