Drake and Pusha T's beef has caused a storm across the internet. After Pusha T dropped off the highly disrespectful but clever, "The Story Of Adidon" everyone's been chiming in with their opinion on the beef. Some people have said that Pusha T crossed the line while others believe that Drake didn't plot this beef thoroughly enough. Wendy Williams chimed in on the conversation during her recent episode of the show which prompted Drake's father, Dennis Graham, to put her on blast and refer to her as a "Rupaul Jr." Wendy has since seen this and doesn't know why Dennis is upset.

Wendy Williams claims that she's simply "watching the battle closely," like the rest of us. However, she's responded to Drake's father's recent Instagram tirade and apparently, has no clue why he's upset. She took to Instagram to share a statement with a caption of a laughing emoji.

"I'm watching the battle closely. I don't know why Drake's dad is mad. All I did was recite Pusha's lyrics." She wrote, "All jokes aside I really like Steve Harvey's suits. He's a sharp dresses. And that Beefsteak Charlie mustache that Drake's dad has is mean. Just mean."

While Wendy has a response for Dennis Graham, we're all waiting for Drake's next move in this beef. According to reports, Drake's already cooking up something for Push. No word on when it'll arrive but we're eager to hear what Drake has up his sleeve.