I guess it's all fun and games until the scud missiles hit close to home. Such is the case for Dennis Graham after witnessing Wendy Williams slander his son during a taped segment for her show where she addressed Drake's baby mother allegations. While there is no concrete proof Sophie Brussaux is in fact the baby mother of Drake's offspring, Wendy made mention of Pusha T "Story of Adidon" verse in which he purports that Drake named an upcoming clothing line after his illegitimate child. After raising the image of both rappers on the monitor, she decided to invoke Rihanna into the drama, insisting she "dodged a bullet with this joker," in reference to her supposed dalliance with Drake.

Dennis Graham didn't take kindly to Wendy Williams labeling her son a joker on unsubstantiated evidence. Drake's father resorted to posting a screenshot of the Wendy Williams segment along with a message of disdain, all on Instagram. In it he relayed the fact that up until now, her show had been "growing on him," but her remarks against his son were a "game changer." In response, Dennis Graham branded her a "Ru Paul Drag Race Queen looking B****," while insisting she do her research before she run her mouth on National Television.